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Each player is tasked with meticulously crafting each NPC, developing unique background narratives, distinct personality traits, hobbies, occupations, attitudes, and life objectives for every character. The complexity of these details directly influences the quality of the results. Following the creation phase, the computer AI oversees the NPCs' behavior, adhering to the parameters set by the player. As the number of NPCs increases, the AI systematically simulates a wide range of social networks and adapts to changes in the surrounding environment, enriching the overall experience with a diverse spectrum of these characters' unique qualities.

MacBook Pro 16_ - 1.jpg


Research, Ideation, visuals, Prototyping, Interaction, Communication


4 Month Project

Tools Used 

Adobe CC, Figma

"In every character, there is a story waiting to be told, and it is our task as creators to breathe life into their tales."

Graphic Style

In my simulation game, which heavily incorporates AI elements, my primary goal is to emphasize the autonomy and storytelling capabilities of each character. Drawing inspiration from the original Pokémon game, I admire its effective visual presentation. By minimizing dependence on images, players can immerse themselves in the intricacies of game character settings. The simplicity and accessibility of the artistic style enhance the understanding of character models and environments.

Character Design


Female V.4.png



Male V.2.png
Female V.4.png
Female V.1.png
Female V.3.png
Male V.1.png
Female V.2.png
Male V.4.png
Male V.3.png

Character Movement

Moving Front.gif
Moving Left.gif
Moving Right.gif
Moving Back.gif

Environment Elements

Flower V.1.png
Wall V.1.png
Navegation V.1.png
Tree V.3.png
Tree V.2.png
Tree V.1.png
Rock V.2.png
Rock V.3.png
Rock V.1.png
Building V.3.png
Building V.2.png
Building V.1.png

Topdown View Game Style

Top View.png
World Defind


Create Word.png


Word Map Fix..png
Zoom Function.png
World Map Color Defind.png
UI Interface Defind
UI Interface 1.png
World Genaration Defind
World Genaration UI.1.png
Character Generation Defind
Frame 16.png
Character  Genaration UI.1.png
UI Interface (HI-FI)
Hi-Fi V.1.png
Frame 13.gif
World Generation (Hi-Fi)
World Genaration Hi-Fi V.1.png
Character Genaration (Hi-Fi)
Character Genaration Hi-Fi V.1.png

Character Genaration Flow

Information Architecture.png

Mouse Right Click Functions

Mouse Right Click Functions.png

Edite Ability Before and After

Frame 1.png

On Hover

Mouse Hover.gif

NPC on Hover

Mouse Hover Map.gif

Location on Hover

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