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Hi there! I'm Clark! 
Nice to meet you~

Visual Communication Design, MFA @ RIT

Graphic Design, BFA @ UIUC

I am a designer who loves learning and challenges. Passionate about my design and accountable for my teamwork.

I am also an animal lover have a dog and a cat ~


LKK Design

User Experience Design, Summer 2018, Beijing, China


They designed and created a user experience map in the Hema ( Participate in scene design, logo design, and the Hema series product design. Joined the landscape design team to help set up Beijing's urban green belt design.


Graphic Design, JULY - SEP 2019, Pleasanton, CA


Researched and extracted many data from the website through Python and made professional visual reports.

• Researched market trends of global renewable energy certificates (RECs) trading.

• Displayed the absolute number of participating users and the actual amount of financing of IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) projects held by the top 30 crypto exchanges.

• Collected WaykiChain users and the actual transactions data generated by invoking the intelligent contract.

• Researched cross-border eCommerce to study data about their economies and the products they sell.

CreativePro Week 2019

Graphic Design Experience, JUN 2019, Seattle, WA


• Learned design techniques and fashion ideas from 40+ expert presenters worldwide.

• Learned more creative skills in PS/Ai, Photoshop and illustrator from conference designers.


UI/UX Design, May-August 2020 & Jan-July 2021, San Jose, CA

• Joined multiple groups in AILAW, including software development, website production, email layout, YouTube channel design, mobile app development, and Blog design development.

• Explored the design concepts of UI and UX, especially the UX aspect.

RIT Graduate Assistant

Graduate Assistant, August 2021 - May 2022, Rochester, NY

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