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AILaw Experience

I completed my AILaw internship during the impressive 2020. During this process, I learned many practical techniques that apply to the business area. I cherish my internship experience at AILaw, the strategies that convert my designs to business, and the enthusiastic, hard-working team! I joined multiple groups in AILaw, including software development, website production, email layout, YouTube channel design, mobile app development, and Blog design-development. We use our time effectively on the company's outstanding achievement. We even often discuss design blueprints to associate business goals at midnight. AILaw's exploring spirit impacted me. So, during this unforgettable summer in 2020, I discovered and got my harvest! 

During this process, I explored the design concepts of UI and UX, especially the UX aspect. I enjoyed the production process. Our team often continues discussing the creative design ideas day and night. We do hope our Apps and interfaces will engage our future customers. We did surveys with our friends and tested the function a lot. This experience deepens my impression that the design is from the users' perspective to solve problems and improve the products. 

Furthermore, the internship process is not like doing a school project because I also need to consider many issues in the engineering team. In many cases, I can rarely achieve the ideal state of my expectations because of technical reasons. Some projects are building a prototype of an existing product, so I need to be more technically demanding to keep my design beautiful, making changes to make the work more streamlined. 

Also, I pay more attention to UX design by collaborating with different field experts. The company where I work for my internship is a company that sells network products. I am not only responsible for the design of the product UI/UX, but I also need to help the promotion team to conduct publicity and promote the corresponding design model. For instance, how to make posters, or make corresponding product email champaign will make people interested in our products. What kind of design style may catch different ages or users' eyes, let our users better understand our products and software? I also need to design company promotions, such as the company's YouTube channel, Twitter daily content push, and company Blog. These various tasks have allowed me to contact many different platforms during the internship. Collaboration makes me feel the important essential core is how significant the cooperation of a company team is. Many projects require the collaboration of people from different professional fields to complete. For example, in the advertising department, I am a designer. We also have data analysts, our market manager, copywriters in our team (UX writer), a psychologist, and an engineer. We will continuously communicate in advertisements, such as what kind of design can better attract users and what type of wording can bring more light beams; these are between our different professions. The result of human ability is through cooperation. I enjoy this process very much!

AILAW Internship Profolio-10.jpg

AILaw Corporation System Design 

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Email-Campaign Design

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Poster Design

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Web Design

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